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Andy Cao TIC industry Global expert
Cell China +86 13801884909 Andy.Cao@bldhd.com Shanghai location and Suzhou original
Personal Profile
Having totally 25 years working experience which including QC,QA Operation management,Business development & government affair Hands-on experience in quality management system set up (GMP, HACCP, ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO17025, ISO17020, CMA, CBTL) Strong leadership and motivating skills Logical, Process and Strategy thinking Excellent presentation skills in Chinese, English
Working Experience
May of Y2006 working in 3rd Party lab GM of UL and BV (10 years), VP of STCT for 2 years April 2004 to May 2006  Sterigenics Shanghai Co., LTD China Quality Assurance Director Feb 2002 to April 2004 Firmenich Flavor and Fragrance (China) Quality Assurance Manager Jan. 2000 to Jan. 2002     Nivea Shanghai Co., LTD Quality Assurance Manager Sep.1993 to Jan.2000    Upjohn Suzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Quality Assurance Supervisor

Learning and Training Experience Oct. 1996 HPLC, GC, IR and UV operation training Nov. 1998 QA Manager traing in Canada Dec. 1998 cGMP Training in US July 2002 Food GMP in Swiss March 2003 ISO9001:2000 Internal auditor April 2003 HACCP Course April 2005 ISO13485 quality system traing in Denmark July 2006 ISO17025 and ISO17020 Internal auditor Dec. 2006 Safety training for Management May 2008 Finance acknowledge training for NFM Oct. 2010 CMA Training for 3rd party lab. 2014 4 weeks Global Leadership Program training in UL Global
Education, Licenses & Certifcations
Sep.1989 to July 1993 Lanzhou University Bachelor Degree of Science
June 2007 to April 2009 Shanghai Jiao Tong University CMBA
Yap Liep Lin TIC industry Global expert

Cell Phone +65 96750203
Lieplin.yap@bldhd.com Singapore location and Singapore original
Personal Profile
More than 20 years of experience in leadership roles in QA/QC industry with exposure to both local and overseas markets. High competence in understanding the needs and concerns of factories, retailers, traders and buyers when doing trades. Remarkable experience and knowledge of how the TIC industry, Standards and Government regulators function. Conduct more than 100 assessments/audits/inspections on laboratories and certification bodies and factories. Excellent TIC partner’s networking & customer’s relationship building skills. Capable to lead and inspire staff to grow the company business with high quality level of products and services. Experienced managing staff in Asia countries and cooperating with other regions. Strong in return of investment. Excellent presentation skills in English and Chinese, plus HK & Taiwan
Working Experience
Since Sep of Y1995 working in 3rd Party TIC industry BSI Group, 3 years Asia Pacific Vice President & Managing Director of Singapore & Malaysia Intertek [Commercial & Electrical Division], Shanghai China, 5 years Asia Pacific Vice President TUV Sud PSB Pte Ltd, (Former PSB Corporation, Singapore), 12 years Assistance Vice President
Education, Licenses & Certifcations Aug 1987 to Dec 1989 University of Tennessee USA. Bachelor Degree of Science EE, honoured as Top graduate. Mar 1990 to Dec 1991 Purdue University USA. Master Degree of Science EE Honoured with 2009 Outstanding Enterprise’s Senior Executive Award in service industry by the Government of HangZhou Economic & Technological Development business zone, China Geneva IECEE registered International Assessor since 1996  
Bernardo Álvarez Principal

Cell Hong Kong: +852 9248 5730 China: +86 139 1543 4382 Spain: +34 602 214 520 bernardo.alvarez@bldinvest.com
Additional Background
International Trading Legislation (one year degree, imparted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Gijón), being composed of following subjects: • Establishment in foreign markets, International contracting and Transport and  Logistics in foreign trade.
Work Experience
Since end of November 2015:   I incorporated my own Company, BLD Investment (Hong Kong) Ltd, in Hong Kong for Advanced Consulting in Tunnels Execution as well as provide customized solutions to worldwide SMEs to grow their business.  BLD is a technological Partner of the Technological Platform of Tunnels, Asturian Club of Innovation and is a Corporate Member of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. August 2002– August 2015:   General Manager and Legal Representative of Specialized Technology Resources España (STRE). In 2007 and 2008, responsible for incorporating and launching the Malaysia business unit (including negotiations with Government, hiring senior staff, monitoring the project and starting up). Officially since September 2010 Director of Business Development, PR China, Director of Greater China and Legal Representative of STR China and STR Hong Kong, directly reporting to the President of the Company for both positions. STR is an USA multinational listed in New York Stock Exchange. These all are all the business units that STR has out of USA. June 2001– August 2002:   Industrial Director/Plant Manager and Legal Representative of Rioglass Astur (Mieres, Asturias), reporting directly to the Group President. This company is a Belgium-Spain multinational of the glass sector, making car lites for the most important car manufacturers. May 1995 - May 2001: Project Manager working for INGEMAS (Gijón, Asturias), reporting directly to the General Manager. At that time INGEMAS belonged to Babcock Wilcox and currently belongs to TSK Group. Ingemas is specialized in designing and executing turn-key projects worldwide.

July 1991– May 1995: Technical Drawing and Mathematics Teacher (University students) working for a Private School (Academia Técnica). September 1990 – May 1991: Grant for a Research Work at the Mine Working Department of the University of Oviedo and financed by HUNOSA (national coal mining Company). Subject: Tunneling of high abrasive sandstone.
Education, Licenses & Certifcations Technical Degree in Metallurgical Engineering (three years degree).
University of   Oviedo (Spain). Advanced Degree in Mining Engineering (six years degree).
Speciality in Mining and Explosives – Superior Technical University of Mining Engineering - Oviedo (Spain).
Advanced Master in Business Administration (one year degree – Oviedo, Spain).
Personal Profile:
• Multilingual and multicultural person, having spent the biggest portion of the last 20+ years travelling or living in other countries (Spain, France, USA, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong), including the last seven years permanently in China (where my main daily interactions are with Chinese and Taiwanese nationals).  
• For 20+ years, used to hold high level negotiations in several languages, including global agreements for a listed USA multinational. High capacity of learning new foreign languages very quick.
• Experience in setting up Permanent Fiscal Establishment and Companies in several countries and continents.
• Experience in international Arbitrations in foreign Courts of Commerce.
• Intuition, high analysis and synthesis capacity and strong negotiation skills what helped to solved very complicated commercial, technical, legal or social situations for the Companies I worked for.
• Team focused, I like to train my teams in order to delegate as per their attributions and responsibilities. Skilled in making, leading and organizing good teams in several countries in Europe (Spain and France) and Asia (Malaysia, Hong Kong and China).
• Excellent relations with all the Companies’ Corporates I worked for.
• Skilled for having a full picture with all interactions between Operations, Customs, Legal, Tax, Finance and Audit matters all together.
• Hard worker, honest, faithful and fully devoted to the Companies I worked for.

References (English speakers):
• Ingemas: Jose Maria Gonzalez (President and CEO)
• Rioglass: Jose Maria Villanueva (President and CEO)
• STR Holdings: Bob Yorgensen (President and CEO), Tom Vitro (STR CFO)
• Spanish: fluently (mother tongue).
• English: fluently.
• French: fluently.
• German: fluently.
• Italian: fluently.
• Chinese (Mandarin): upper intermediate fluent level (around 1,200 characters).
• Able to read Cyrillic.

Cell 860-729-8451
Team Role
Sue is a  Financial Executive with over thirty years experience in financial and operations management working with companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50. She has in depth experience with publicly traded, and private equity backed companies. She has increased shareholder value through raising capital, turnarounds, mergers & acquisitions, and financial leadership.  She is a hands  on leader who sees the big picture.
Relevant Experience
Sue has worked as a CFO  and consultant in a variety of industries. She has built departments, developed best practices, streamlined operations, reduced headcount and closing time, improved operations, managed systems implementations and optimizations, and developed effective external relationships with bankers, customers, and vendors.

• As CFO  of a start-up, Sue was responsible for developing a strategy to generate revenue and provide proof of concept, negotiate a joint venture agreement with a major automotive company, and write the business plan used to secure private equity. She attracted professional staff, scaled up production facilities three times, and maintained good working relationships with bankers, customers, and vendors during periods of growing pains.
• As lead financial executive  for an  $80M  healthcare provider, Sue was the only finance person left after a turnover of the Board of Directors and the hiring of a new CEO. The company was bleeding and required new financing. She was a key participant in securing new debt along with a $15M asset based lending program. She ensured that critical vendors continued to provide services to patients, and when the company received state funding, she led the relocation effort.
•As a consultant for a $400M  manufacturer, Sue drove the effort for a successful IPO .  Initially hired to write a few technical memos, she ultimately assumed the lead role and was able to bring the project back on track.
• Sue managed the company side of the carve out of a $200M segment of a public company. This assignment required restating previously filed financial statements after implementing best corporate practices for internal and external stakeholders. She oversaw the conversion from  the larger company’s Oracle system to the carve out’s Oracle system.
• As a consultant for a $200M manufacturer, Sue selected and implemented an accounting software package which streamlined month end reporting and improved reliability and transparency of operating results.  She reduced  the month end close by ten days with better process and systems integration.
Function and Specialization
Sue specializes in CFO assignments in numerous industries, process improvement, systems implementation and M&A.
Other Activities
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society  2013 Man Woman of the Year Candidate.
Education, Licenses & Certifications
BBA, Iona College (Accounting)
CPA (inactive)


Cell (+34) 619 585 515
Work  Experience
1988 - 1998:
Teacher  at University Level of  Calculus,  Algebra  and  Physics at the  Academia  Técnica.  Oviedo.

1998 May - 2005 July:
Team leader  and  operator  of  microtunnelling  machines  (slurry  and  closed  shield)  and  pipe-jacking.  Various diameters  (600  to  2400  mm.),  lengths and grounds ( clay, gravel, sand, hard rock, shale, etc. even under phreatic level). Company  SONNTAG  IBERICA,  subsidiary  of  SONNTAG  GmbH (Germany).  
Works  in  Sevilla,  Ponferrada,  Zumaya,  Zaragoza, Barakaldo, Castelldefells,  Alicante,  San  Sebastián, Ampuero  and  Germany:  Paderborn,  Koblenz, Frankfurt,  Obertshausen.
All works done with Herrenknecht machines. Overall knowledge of the complete microtunnelling system.

2005 July - 2007 July:
Team leader and  operator  of  microtunnelling  machines  (slurry  and  closed  shield  and  open  shield)  and  pipe-jacking. Company  EUROHINCA.  Works  in  Ortuella,  Bermeo,  Gernica,  Lérida,  Miranda  de  Ebro, Santander, Madrid, Murcia, Lugo.
All works done with Herrenknecht machines.

2007 August - 2009 October:
TBM operator  in  UTE  Lote  IV  Pajares Tunnels.  AVE  tunnel ( Spanish High speed train between Madrid and Asturias). 10  m.  diameter.  Mitsubishi  machine,  single  shield. 10  km.  length.  Rock  cutterhead.  Ground: Hard rock.

2009 October - 2011 September:
TBM operator in  UTE  Vigo-Das  Maceiras (ACCIONA  firm).  AVE  tunnel (Spanish High speed train between Madrid and Galicia).  10  m.  díameter.  
Herrenknecht  machine,  double  shield. 8,5  km.  length. Hard rock: Granite.

2011 October - 2012 May:
TBM operator in  UTE  Les  Garrigues  Phase V  Lérida (ACCIONA firm). Clean  water  tunnel.  4,1  m.  díameter.  Herrenknecht  machine, double  shield.  4,8  km.  length. Shale ground.

2012 November – 2014 March:
Shift Boss and TBM operator in JV Shapir – Pizzarotti. Tunnel for High Speed Train Tel Aviv – Jerusalem. Herrenknecht machine, double shield, 10 m. diameter, 10 km. length, limestone ground. Working with SELI firm.

2014 April – 2014 December:
TBM operator in Metro Bangalore (India) Corporation. EPB Herrenknecht machine, 6,4 m. diameter, soil and rock ground. Working with Gestunnel firm.

February 2015 – March2015:
Shift boss in Gestunnel for CMC. Yindajhuang Water Supply Project. Tunnel for clean water in Xining (China). TBM double shield Wirth hard rock. 6,21 m. diameter. 19.6 km. length.

May 2015 – October 2015:
Fixing EPB Herrenknecht 9 m. diameter for CMC. Catania (Sicily) project.

October 2015 – April 2016:
TBM operator in JV PRIDE (Pizzarotti – Rizzani de Eccher) working with Gestunnel firm. Al Haer waste water project Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). TBM Caterpillar double shield. 3,8 m. diameter. 7.3 km. length. Limestone ground.

Because of my experience during all these years, my recent activity has been focused on solving problems of execution in works in different places of the world.
Education, Licenses & Certifications
University:  Advanced degree of Mining Engineering. University of Oviedo

Course  of  Seismic  Tomography  imparted  by  the  Geophysical  Chair  of  Escuela  de  Minas  de  Oviedo.

Research  fellowship  of  MOPU
(Civil Works Ministry of Spain):  Microtunnelling  and  Pipe-Jacking.

Research  fellowship  of  HUNOSA
(Coal Mines):  Coal  Tips  Regeneration.

Spoken  and  written. Intermediate level.
Spoken  and  written. Intermediate level.


Cell 34 666 58 55 31
Professional profile
Senior Engineer of Mines and Petroleum, University of Berlin (RFA ) of 1992, thesis in the field of “ use of old mining areas as deposits for Urban Waste. “ Working life tied to advisory work for the solution of problems immediately and continues. Extensive experience in the European and Latin American market.

Construction management assistance to solving specific problems in tunnels and mining.

General Manager of engineering applied to special services in tunnels and mining.
Company dedicated to technical assistance in the consolidation, stabilization and waterproofing of soils in civil engineering and mining of coal and metal.

1992-2014 CEO
Business consulting and industrial development
Engineering company specializing in environmental and mining consultancy treatments
Environmental engineering company
Engineering company for mining safety
Horizontal drilling company

Other Activities
2010-2011, President of Federation of Industrial areas of Asturias –
2004-2009, Founding President of the Association of Industrial area of Riaño II and III
2008-2012, Member of the Board of APIA,
2009-2012, Member of the Board of the Association of Industrial area the Valle del Nalon Langreo – Asturias.

Because of my experience during all these years, my recent activity has been focused on solving problems of execution in works in different places of the world.

Education, Licenses & Certifications
Postgraduate master in Management and Environment - Formastur- Oviedo- Spain

University Studies, title Senior Engineer of Mines and Petroleum - Technical University of Berlin TU Berlin (West Germany).Language German
Spanisch, German, English.

Special work done to:
Constructora FCC – Spain                                Dragados S.A. – Spain
Acciona S.A. – Spain                                        Ferrovial S.A. – Spain
Sacir S.A. – Spain                                            ACS S.A.- Spain
Obras Subterráneas S.A. – Spain                     Farab – Iran
Arshia Orange – Iran                                      Hunosa – Spain
Iberpotash – Spain                                        Somincor – Portugal
Carboinsa – Colombia                                    Grupo Peñoles – Mexico
Grupo Mexico – Mexico                                Farab -  Sir Lanka

Solution to problems of maintenance of roofs and gables in mining, stabilization of fronts and ceilings mechanized coal mining workshops . Waterproofing and sealing of water inlets of mine and tunnels , filling cavities, soil stabilization in drilling with TBM.

Advice and perfomance of outstanding works:
Iran: Project of trasnfer of water - Noo sud.
Sir Lanka: Hydro Dam - Uma Oya MultiPurpose Development Project
Laos: Hidro electric Hin boun
Norway: Spitzbergen-North pole - Mine Sveagruba
Greenland: Hidro Dam
Colombia: Microtunel del Rio Bogotá
Colombia: Mine “La Raza” grupo Milpa
México: Mine Pasta de Conchos, Mine Naica – Grupo Peñoles
Panamá: Hydro Dam “Bajo de Mina”
Russia - Siberia: Coal mine –Kemerovo”
Spain: Tunnels for high speed train “AVE”
Brazil: Coal mine in Rio Grande do Soul
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